Monday, 23 April 2012

A talented lady

This lady is very talented and i would like to share a link to her page where she has seen an idea and made it her own

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Lisa Lam

This lady is so talented, just check out her free tutorials for her bags


these are just a few. Please check out her new book.

Please note at the bottom of the page she gives permission for you to make and sell on Etsy, Ebay, etc but not machine mass produced.

Here is a link to her Reversible Bucket bag (courtesy of Sew Mama Sew)

Retro knitting patterns

OMG i so like these womens hats. This site is a wonder to behold with so many original knitting patterns all available for you to make without any problems. These have not had the copyright renewed so go for it girls. All you Mad Men fans will love's a few to get you interested

Tuxedo Tube Coat Pattern

Make it yourself

I have noticed that there is an awful lot of tutorials on the net and sometimes we don't always have time to do them but want to make them at a later date, so i have decided to put up links to some really interesting things to make for yourself.
Now i spent a while today reading about copyright and authors permission etc on a blog where she really went to town on what she thought of a magazine reproducing her item, so without further ado.......please understand these are only for your use or as a gift or charity.
Please enjoy these links, however some do require signing in but are worth it........all are frrreeeee
This will be a continually updated post

Three layers of faux-baked goodness topped off with a mini cherry pompom make this one delectable Cupcake Tea Cozy! Each layer features a different stitch, so you won't get bored.

Easy-to-remember switches between knit and purl rows make this pattern simple to follow and rewarding to finish. Create a textured beehive and decorate it with little bee appliqués when you’re done!

They will look great on my anodised aluminium teapot that i bought at the church jumble sale two weeks ago

You can't go past this site if you want to make any kind of carry all, over 160 tutorials

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Retro style

The queen of retro fabric style with Cath Kidston has to be Amy Butler. Her fabrics are just so fun and retro which is why after having got two of her books i am putting up a link to her web page

and also a link to her page of free downloads

and this for a bag pattern by Amy Butler (from Sew Mama Sew site)

Hope you enjoy looking at the designs even if you don't make them

Tilda Finnanger

Tilda's books are my favourite at the moment, her style is so simple, Scandi and naive all at once
Visit her site for the cutest dolls, bears etc

I haven't seen her books in my part of the world but not much happens here these days, so maybe i'm slow to discover her

Dori Csengeri beautiful jewellery

I came upon this designer by chance and believe she has the most beautiful pieces ever created. Please visit her site to see eye candy of 10 out of 10

if i can only be a quarter as talented as she is, i will be a very happy person. these are all made from embroidery and beads

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