Monday, 21 January 2013

twenty twenty

That was what i had when i was younger, now that i am older it's not so good anymore. I tried to do beading today but it was not a good success. I think i may be in need of a new pair of glasses or possibly get that magnifier light out of the cupboard. I bought this a while ago and was very surprised with how good it works. I paid $45 at bunnings and have seen them well into the $100's in catalogues. It is a large circular magnifier with a slim flouro tube ring around the edge. The cover on the tube means all light is directed to your creative work. Unfortunately a natural part of the aging process is the change in the shape of your eyes and therefore we perceive things as blurry.
Maybe i should just use bigger beads.. lol

Thursday, 6 December 2012

suffolk puffs meet crochet

I was on the hunt for a good tutorial for suffolk puffs, little circles that you make into flowers, when i saw this amazing idea for a bib necklace using them. I would never have used this idea this way, but have made jewelled necklace bibs similar to this design. You know the kinds with cabuchons and seed beads. Please visit her site to see her lovely crochet (this is not my thing but i think it wonderful she has taken a modern twist to an old craft).

Bib necklace embellished with fabric yo-yo puffs
Gold/brown bib necklace
Have a look at all the lovely styles she has created using many kinds of craft medium, read the comments for other great ways to make them that others have tried. The thrift/charity shop is a great option for bits to embellish with.
You will find the tutorial for the wheel shaped Dorset buttons here

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

lights, cameras, action

well, after finding my last camera with a shattered screen and managing to retrieve all the pics, i now have a lovely new camera.  i will have to take lots of lovely photos of all the interesting and crafty things that i

Monday, 15 October 2012

extreme upcycling

we all like to upcycle as much as we can but this moves it to extreme (and it does look pretty cool too)

starburst wrapper bracelet tutorial!

good thing i like starburst lol

vintage love

Ok, i love the idea of a knockoff and i really like those vintage jewellery finds and i really like all my fabric stash (new, old, retro, floral,  i love it all) so now i think i can get the best of both. My last anthro knockoff is this beauty from

i now know i am a happy blogger

original above, knockoff below

anthro knockoff

this has to be the easiest necklace to make a knockoff from, but really don't we all have a stash of old charms, earrings etc that we need to use somewhere. i made a bracelet years ago from all the little charms and necklace pieces i had as a teenager, some were just too cute or sentimental to throw. Now i can make a necklace to go with it.

please go here for the tutorial

anthro above, knockoff below

skippers necklace

Once before i showed you a twist on an anthologie dress. We do not hear much of this store over here but i have found a lovely necklace that you may like. The skippers refer to skipping stones on a pond. Please visit this site to find a very easy diy tutorial


anthropology above; and diy below