Thursday, 6 December 2012

suffolk puffs meet crochet

I was on the hunt for a good tutorial for suffolk puffs, little circles that you make into flowers, when i saw this amazing idea for a bib necklace using them. I would never have used this idea this way, but have made jewelled necklace bibs similar to this design. You know the kinds with cabuchons and seed beads. Please visit her site to see her lovely crochet (this is not my thing but i think it wonderful she has taken a modern twist to an old craft).

Bib necklace embellished with fabric yo-yo puffs
Gold/brown bib necklace
Have a look at all the lovely styles she has created using many kinds of craft medium, read the comments for other great ways to make them that others have tried. The thrift/charity shop is a great option for bits to embellish with.
You will find the tutorial for the wheel shaped Dorset buttons here

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