Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Felt friends

Today i received a book from Amazon that i must show you. This is just too cute! I have since struggled to find really decent felt (i want the wool mix not the scrapbook type), so until i find the right kind i will just have to look at the cover and smile. The writer is japanese and was inspired to reproduce the retro toys of her youth in Japan. I must admit the cover deer was very similar to one i had as a child where you pushed the base and it made the deer fall down. It had string inside. Reminiscing

Felt Friends from Japan: 86 Super-cute Toys and Accessories to Make Yourself

author is Naomi Tabitha

Bags, bags and more bags

I really enjoy wandering around the fabric stores and also flea markets for fabric swatches. Sometimes i will find the most stunning piece of fabric but it is a skirt, shirt or pillowslip not enough for a big project but certainly enough for these lovely ideas, all using the equivalent of just one fat quarter...what do you think? They are so clever,  follow the links


Craftster.org has suggested that you could increase the pattern on a photocopier by 125% to make a bigger bag. Or you could see their changes to add a zipper


this lovely clutch uses only a fat quarter



please also see the etsy site of this creative lady

Thursday, 6 September 2012

retro and vintage fair

I don't think i have been very good as i have not posted to this blog for a while. Ok, my camera got smashed so everything sort of went pear shaped for a while and knocked the wind out of everything i wanted to achieve, but now we are back and raring to go.
This sunday is the vintage and retro show which i've tried to get to for quite a while but always find out the day before (and i work sundays...don't ya luv retail), so as it's my last day of a two week break i am going.
I hope to get a few good pictures of some interesting things and post them later.
Will have to get my 14 year old to help me there, i think.