Thursday, 12 January 2012

what comes around goes around

Just got the book 'sew' by Cath Kidston.  I have only just discovered her in the last few months (well, i do live in Australia and the only two registered sellers of her products are in WA or Vic and i'm in NSW, so you can see my problem). How cool to see the needle case on page 76 is the same as the one i made in 3rd grade in 1970. Only thing was mine didn't have a pretty floral cover but was made of pale pink headcloth with broder cotton running and chain stitch on the outside. It has the felt squares inside like Cath's and it was closed with a twisted thread on each side to tie in a bow. We also made a pinwheel. Just like the pinwheels you buy from the shop but made of two cardboard circles covered (again ) with headcloth and matching thread patterns (we did choose our own designs). Imagine two kingsize yo-yos stitched together, with a pretty twisted thread at the top to match. Will have to get them out of storage and upload the photos.
I also remember making a cotton bag, petticoat, tray cloth and apron. By sixth grade i was making a dress for my final subject before heading to high school for real sewing.  Teachers must have been told to 'dress us down' (sorry for the pun) in regards our abilities as i recall being told that making a tie back on the dress was too difficult for me to do ( had to recess it into the front seem as it was made into the darts at the waist for shaping).
A hhh the joys of childhood. I must have really loved my sewing as they never put me off my love affair with fabric, thread, pattern construction.......the whole lot.

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